Atome FAQ

About Atome!

  • Atome, part of the Advance Intelligence
    Group, founded in 2017. Atome has served over 5 million customers with over 2,000 merchant partners in South East Asia. Atome is the biggest Buy Now Pay Later service provider in the region.

    How Does Atome Work? 
  • Through Atome, users can split their purchases in 3 interest-free monthly payments.
  • Customer splits their purchase in 3 monthly payments, 0% interest, with no hidden fees

1. How is atome different from bank credit card?

  • Instant Approval 
  • Min. Spend to use Atome is RM25
  • Buy More - Pay Later

2. How does Atome make money?

  • Atome charges a certain % fee to merchant partners

3. Does Atome protect my personal information?

  • Yes, Atome is a registered and regulated company in Singapore. Shopping with Atome is a safe and
    secure shopping experience. Find out more about how Atome protects your personal information in
    our terms and conditions and our privacy policy

4. If I am on payment, what happens?

  • Your account will be frozen and you will be required to pay all outstanding amounts due plus an
    administrative fee:
    ■ Days Past Date: 2 Days - 50 MYR charged
    ■ Days Past Date: 8 Days - 25 MYR charged
  • Customer has to make full payment of all existing payments for their account to be reactivated
  • Should customer have any other concerns, please contact us at or head over to our website 


1. What if I receive a message "We're unable to process your application' after signing up? 

  • The ID number or email address is already registered
  • Information submitted is inconsistent (e.g. name entered
    different from identity card)
  • Defaced identity card, hence, rejected


  • Customer may try to reapply again after 15 days
  • Otherwise, please contact customer service at 


2. What if I receive a message ‘Sorry, we are unable to process your payment’ after scanning the QR code?’

  • Customer has spent beyond the allowed limit. 
    • Spent beyond own credit card limit
    • Spent beyond own spending limit set on card
  • Overdue payments, hence unable to process payment
  • The system has detected a payment risk


  • Clear all outstanding payments in order to unfreeze account
  • Spend within limit allocated


3. What if I receive a message ‘Sorry, we are unable to process with the card provided’? 

  • Insufficient balance in current account


  • Please ensure sufficient cash is in account before processing again
  • Change to another debit/credit card






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